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Disney Kinkade patterns

Does anyone have the Disney Kinkade patterns that come in a kit? I'd be willing to buy the patterns from someone but I really don't want to purchase the entire kits.

Searching for Christmas ornament frames.

Hi there! I'm hoping someone can help me out..even if you don't have any in your 'stash'! I'm looking for plastic or wooden frames to use for Christmas ornaments. So far, I can only find ones that already come in a kit and thus have the sticky backing for the fabric. I have found come that don't come in a kit, but they don't have the mounting board with them. I haven't looked for anything like this for quite some time, so I suppose they just might not be making them any more. And help that any one could give would be greatly appreciated. (And yes, I've already searched the 'Net, but could only find the things mentioned above.)

Thanks in advance!

What To Do

I just started back on a pattern I was doing a while back but had to stop to do another one for a friend. I knew when I was doing the original pattern that I had made a mistake - major mistake, and it looks like, when I try to do it now, that there are several other mistakes, probably due to the first problem, or trying to fix the problem. Now, I'm half way through this pattern, but I really don't want to finish it like this because I don't know what would correct it, if that makes sense. I'd like to get the chart again, but I don't seem to be able to find somewhere just to buy the chart, and not the threads and fabric.

Any suggestions? Should I just give it up, any one know where I might be able to find a chart to replace it? (It's a Dimensions Gold Chart called Horses By A Stream - and I've already gone on Dimensions website but they just have the kit), or anywhere that I might find a chart to download?

July Swap

Totally totally remiss in posting anything for swaps! Sorry about that! Let's make the next one for the July long weekends

As well, Lisa and Katy celebrated birthdays in February and April, so lets send them something small for a belated gift .... can be anything .... a small stitching, something already stitched, threads, fabric.

Let me know who's up for it and if you need addresses.

Last Call For Easter Swap

So far, only failegaidin and I are signed up for the Easter Swap. Any more interested this time around? I'm closing the swap on Sunday so that we can mail things out.

Easter Swap

Any one interested in an Easter Swap of threads? Please let me know by the end of March.

Valentine's Swap

Any one who is interested in doing a swap for Valentine's Day let us know by the end of January so we can e-mail the list!


Okay, I officially do not like Janlynn cross stitching kits! I just opened one to do and while they list the threads so you can sort them, they do not tell you how many strands per colour you should have .... which makes it a little difficult when you have orange and dk gold and you want to double check that you have the right colour to the right code for the pattern, or you have vy drk pink, pink, and light pink ..... and they are missing the lt pink! If I knew how many strands of thread I should have for each colour I could figure out if I screwed up! Thankfully I have a colour chart that should help me, but since the pink and lt pink are similar shades, it's hard to tell if I put the lt pink in with the pink.

Also thank goodness I have lots of DMC thread so I can find the thread that's missing (hopefully)

Merry Christmas

I know the community has been quiet for a few months now, hopefully we will pick things up in the new year and get swapping. If any of the members have ideas of things to do or things to swap, please bring them forward and we will see how things go.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and rings in the New Year with family and friends around!!

Keep on stitchin'!!!

Updated Trade Album

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that I have updated my trade album with more patterns that need good loving homes! Please help me clean these out!