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Thanks Kelly!!

For the sweet card, I love it!! That snowman is so cute! This totally made my day :)

Last post for Halloween exchange

So far only one person has e-mailed saying they are interested in swapping thread this month. I'm putting a time frame on of a week on Sunday (the 25th) to sign up for the swap this month.


Remember to e-mail us with whoever wants to take part in the October floss swap, so we can get the list out to everyone before Halloween. Fall theme, colours of the season, or makes you think of Halloween, things like that.

As well, We can start signing up for the Christmas swap .... just to let people know .... it does NOT have to be a Christmas pattern .... you can send any pattern you like. If you don't want to receive a Christmas pattern (ie. one that depicts a Christmas picture or theme), put that in your e-mail when signing up and that will go out as part of the list. Otherwise, we will leave that up to the discretion of the sender. This should be patterns only, unless someone has a very small (ie bookmark, or Christmas ornament size) kit that they want to send to someone. If it is a pattern ... please make sure you include the list of threads needed. (I know I grab magazines and take out the small crafts they have, forgetting that the actual pattern and thread list IS IN THE MAGAZINE .....

And. To give lots and lots of notice. Beth and Shell both have birthdays in December, so anyone interested in sending thread and needing to know addresses (if you don't have them already), email us and we will pass that on.

In other news. I'm currently working on cross stitching my Christmas cards. (don't know how many I'll get done before its time to start mailing them out, but anyone who wants to exchange Christmas cards, let us know (it doesn't have to be a cross stitched one, a good old fashioned card is just as thoughtful)

Three Things

Well, we missed doing a Labour Day swap, which is okay .... next one up should be Halloween ... so let's sign up for that in the next couple of weeks.

Second ... thanks for all the swaps - received all of mine!

Third - what do people think of swapping patterns for Christmas? These can either be patterns that people have done and want to share, or if they pick up cross stitch magazines, patterns out of the magazines that other's might like? I'm think just patterns, not kits, because kits would be too expensive to mail out to everyone. Let us know the consensus of this, okay?

Enjoy your Labour Day weekend!

Help find some good homes for my patterns!

I have started to update my trade album. I really need to start cleaning out some of these patterns. I also have a TON of silver lining patterns that are available - but they are not listed here yet :)
I promise to have more when we do the pattern swap, but in the meantime, anyone want anything?

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Floss Swap

I got the last two flosses from Shell and Kellie. Thanks ladies! This was way fun!

Floss Swap

I got Kelly's flosses from Canada today. Thanks so much! I'd love to go to Ireland someday!

I hope y'all are getting my floss.

Floss Swap and a Request

I got my flosses from Beth yesterday. Thanks!

Also, I desperately need DMC #126. It's a purple varigate. I need like 8 or 9 skeins. I just started CdC and won't have enough to do it all. I usually make sure I have it before I start, but I didn't this time. Anyway, I can't find it anywhere. So, if someone can find it, and wants to send me some, i'll send back the equivalent floss. Or if you know where I can get it online or whatever, that would help a lot.

Thank you in advance!!


Floss Swap

Hey y'all! I just put my floss swap flosses in the mail, so they'll be on their way soon!

August Floss Swap-Last Call!!!

If you want to sign up for the August floss swap, please do so by this evening!!! I'll be compiling the list tomorrow and hope to have the final email out to everyone in the swap by Sunday.