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Cross Stitch Stash Swap

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xstch_stashswap is a community devoted to enhancing our cross stitch stash and swapping out extras
Cross Stitch Stash Swap is a community devoted to exchanging stash with each other. Have too many of a floss or fabric? Need something or want to try something new? This is the place to be! Special Floss exchange clubs enhance your floss stash for only the cost of a postage stamp!

Floss Exchanges

Birthday Club
The birthday club is here to enhance your stash and make your birthday fun!!! On your birthday, members of the Birthday Club will send you three floss skeins to wish you a happy day! The only rule for this club is that you must be a member in good standing for at least six months before your birthday (Exceptions can be made for members in good standing with the cross_stitch if your birthday comes up fairly soon).

Email the maintainers with the following information:
LJ Name
Physical Address
Are you willing to post international? (average $.98)
Do you mind receiving specialty threads?
Send to xstitchswap @ gmail dot com
Please put "Birthday Club Floss Swap" in the subject line

Bi-monthly Floss Swap Club
Bi-monthly Floss Swap Club is open to anyone who wishes to sign up and receive some floss stash. A theme will be announced and everyone that signs up will send three skeins of floss to each person on their list. What a great way to get more stash for only the cost of a postage stamp! Sign ups and theme will be announced with the posting and you are only obligated to participate in the theme you sign up for.

Trade Day!
Special trade days will be announced and this is your chance to swap out for new stash and let go of stash you won't be using. Beads, fabric, and thread OH MY! Watch for announcements!

Community Rules

1. Play nice

2. When you sign up for a club or trade you are expected to fulfill your end of the deal. If you cannot not, you must notify the maintainers as soon as possible. Failure to go through with a swap may result in banning from the community. We want to have a fun and enhancing community but also be fair.

That's it!